At Handoki - Traders

At Handoki we work hard to make sure that we offer something that is a little bit out of the ordinary, something unique that you can offer to your customers. That is because we know that finding something that offers a different take on things for your customers is what you want because those customers are always looking for items to buy that they won’t find anywhere else. With you, our partners and distributors, and designers, we want to offer that very special buying experience. When customers come into your shop or buy from you we want them to be delighted with the very innovative and uniquely stylish object they have found, something that they cannot find on the High Street. We also want to offer you our exclusive partner deals that we know will be the start of a long and successful working relationship between us.

And when you buy from Handoki you get the whole Handoki experience from start to finish because it is not only the goods that you will find refreshingly different and unique. At Handoki we aim to look after the people we work with, our buyers and distributors, and our design clients as well as the small shops that buy from our website and resell to delighted customers. Designers also find us a great source of inspiration when they are crafting their own bespoke creations.

If you are a seller who appreciates having a unique offering that also may only be so exclusive that it will only be offered once, and for your customers to appreciate, then Handoki is the place for you. We know that you will find a lot to choose from on our site and we will be happy to help you with ideas and support through the entire selection and buying process.

Through your purchase of authentic gifts, our daily new deals and authentic gifts, we know you will be delighted with what Handoki has to offer you.

Handoki is the place for innovators and those who want something that is stylish and that will have their customers coming back for more. Handoki - the perfect trading partner for you!