About us

handoki.co.uk offers customers an unique opportunity to buy AND SELL exclusive and bespoke handmade products online - at unbeatable prices.

It can be hard to choose a gift that is really different these days. Are you tired of the ‘usual suspects’ that are offered up in every shop on the high street? Well now there is an alternative! Whether you are looking for a handmade birthday present, a fathers day gift, a gift for a christening, or something truly unique and limited edition for your home or yourself, you will find bespoke goods that will delight even the most discerning gift giver. These items will not be available to buy off the shelf in-store because they are carefully and painstakingly created to your exact taste and style.

From the most exquisite jewellery that would delight anyone, many of which have cultural roots and are region specific, to exclusive custom and handmade sunglasses that will be a very welcome present for a daughter or a great valentines’ gift. There is a lot to choose from at handoki.co.uk There are the many stunning home gifts that would be ideal for a wedding present or house warming present, or just because you cannot resist them yourself! Child and baby products for a christening gift or a boy or girl’s birthday present also offer you a world of authentic, amazing and inspried choice.

In fact, – you name it and you’ll find it - only on handoki.co.uk and we can promise that for your Christmas, Easter and birthday presents, or just to treat yourself or for a unique gome decoration, you will finally be able to get everything you need, and be sure that whatever you buy is truly exclusive.

And what you see now will not always be all that you will be able to get. We will be adding more exclusive and unique items and establishing different product classes and ranges. As a Handoki customer you will be able to enjoy amazing products at unbeatable prices all individualised to your specific request.

Handoki customers simply visit our site and click on the relevant actual or sample product. Next they let us know their choice and we will get busy personalising their item. Finally we will ship the unique personalised gift to them or to the lucky recipient, direct!

Selling on Handoki

Uniquely, as a platform for our inspired and creative designers out there, Handoki sellers can place products on handoki.co.uk to be reviewed by our moderator team. This will ensure that all details are in order and in line with the site’s editorial guidelines. The products can go live on the site once approved by the moderator team and can be viewed and accessed by buyers straight away.

We Take Our Responsibilities Seriously

Our payment process is simple, straightforward and secure. As an agency, bringing together buyers and sellers our commitment is to ensure both parties conduct business in letter and spirit ensuring all concerned benefit from each transaction they conduct.

We ensure all payments are secure. Our customers can rest assured that all personal information provided to the website will be kept strictly private.