Terms & Conditions

End User License Agreement

This agreement contains the conditions that regulate the access and use of the website (WWW.HANDOKI.COM) belonging to the company HANDOKI, through an online cabinet, and is an agreement between you or the business that you represent, and the company HANDOKI. By registering your account, нou (on your own behalf and on behalf of the business You represent) agree to the terms of this agreement and all documentation specified in this agreement.


1.1 Handoki will proceed your application form and confirm it after you have accepted terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1.2 After being informed that Handoki accepted your application form, you can start using your online cabinet in order to sell your items there


2.1 When placing a Product on the website You must provide an accurate description of the Product, its availability and production time required to prepare the Product for delivery to the purchaser, and other information required by Handoki.

2.2 It is prohibited to use  links and other contact information on the image of the Product.

2.3 Handoki acknowledges that the production time of each Product can vary depending on the Product. Handoki relies on information provided by you when placing a product on the website.

2.4 The list of products that You can sell on the website is subject to the discretion of Handoki and is limited to be placed on the website according to the list of prohibited items.


3.1 All orders must be made in the following way:
a) Upon the receiving of the notification (via email) of an order that is placed on the website, you should confirm it to Handoki;
b) Each Order will automatically be assigned the Order number. You and Handoki should then use the corresponding Order number in all subsequent correspondence relating to the Order;
c) Upon the Order confirmation receipt, You must carefully pack the Product to protect it so that it could reach the destination in a good condition;
d) You must send Products to the delivery address specified in the Order within 24 hours (1 working day) after the Order has been placed by a purchaser according to the delivery options;
e) After sending Products You must download all the information on the website through your personal account (track parcel number) which can be used to track the order. Handoki will use this information to inform the Buyer that the Item has been sent.

3.2 The packaging box should contain Products only and, if necessary, a waybill. You are not allowed to attach personal business cards, links to websites, direct contact details etc.

3.3 If you are unable to send the Item within 1 business day of the receipt of an Order, You must notify Handoki about the reasons and new time and date when the item will be shipped to the buyer.

3.4 You should not deliver Orders in parts, with the exception of those cases where you have been given a prior written consent of the buyer or Handoki. All ordered Products must be sent in one package

3.5 Initially the cost of shipping is covered by you, and your shipping costs then will be reimbursed by the buyer. Shipping cost will be refunded after your confirmation that the Products have been shipped, provided that Handoki has received available funds from the buyer.

3.6 Delivery is considered to be completed  when Products are delivered to the address specified in the Order.    


4.1 After the buyer has confirmed receiving the Order and that they have no complaints about it, the payment will be transferred to your account. 

4.2 You can request a withdrawal of funds transferred to your account on the 15th day from the date of delivery of Products  to the buyer by Western Union, PayPal or Bank transfer (your choice) or by any other means established by Handoki, at Your expense (including all paid Bank charges and Commission).

4.3 If the buyer does not confirm that he has received his Order and that there are no problems or complaints concerning your Order within a given time frame, You will be entitled to payment of 100% of each Order on the 15th day from the moment it is determined by the system that the order has been received.


5.1 Product prices are set by you when downloading Products on the website. All shipping costs and other related expenses will be listed on the Website.

5.2 You are required to regularly update the information about Products on the website when needed, ensure that information is accurate, complete and the prices of products does not exceed the prices of similar products that are being sold elsewhere on the Internet (extra charges are set over your price – you do not have to pay commission)

5.3 You must regularly check your account and email registered on Handoki at least once every working day.

5.4 You have to make sure that the production time of each Product specified on the website is accurate and realistic. If you cannot make products within the given period of time you should immediately update the information in your account and notify Handoki as well as specify how long it will take you to complete the order and prepare items for shipment.

5.5 All communication between you and the buyer should occur only through Handoki. If you receive any messages from the buyer, you have to redirect them to Handoki.

5.6 You can make a small signature on the Product (nickname/name). Placing any other information about you or availability of Products is prohibited.

5.7 You will be responsible for all costs incurred by Handoki, when transferring funds to you in accordance with this Agreement.

5.8 Products delivered by you under this Agreement should:
(a) conform to the description of the Item provided on the website, and to the additional details requested in the Order;
(b) have no defects in design, materials, quality of work; и
(c) to be packaged and delivered in accordance with the terms of the Agreements.


6.1 Handoki has the right to monitor your use of the website and account at any time. 

6.2 Handoki has the right to monitor your product that is being sold on the website according to its policy. According to the conditions of the policy, Handoki can:
(a) upon the agreement with you to alter the price or other information provided by you about products; and/or
(b) request you to correct any product description or other aspects associated with Products in the case where it does not comply with the policy; and/or
(c)  refuse to place the Product on the website providing you with the explanation.

6.3 Handoki has the right to add percentage to the price of all Products set by You, and entitled to the same amount after receiving the payment from the buyer. You will never have the right to get this amount or any part of the amount.  


Handoki reserves the right to make changes to this Agreement without notice. The new version of the Agreement commences upon its publication on the website www.handoki.com.

This Agreement commences on the date of your acceptance of its conditions.